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Acton Vets Are Here for your Pets

When you pet gets sick or needs a checkup, there’s no better place for them to go than Acton Animal Hospital. They will be in the best of hands with our team of Acton vets. Any type of pet family is welcome here – dogs, cats, small exotic pets – it doesn’t matter! Not only that, but each pet will have a personalized treatment plan that is tailored specifically to their individual needs. This kind of care will benefit pets in the long run, as the plan fits into their current lifestyle.

Acton vets go above and beyond to keep owners notified about their best friend’s health. They don’t want to keep them in the dark about treatment options. So at Acton Animal Hospital, educating them is the best policy. With this, owners will be able to make better decisions in their pet’s interest. As the saying goes, knowledge is power.

Our Services

Acton Animal Hospital provides many services for your furry friends. Here’s a list of care options our Acton vets will give them:

Acton Animal Hospital also has SILEO treatment available. Does your dog’s anxiety flare up at loud noises?  Do thunderstorms send your dog running for the hills? If so, it’s highly possible your dog is one of the 30% of dogs with what’s known as noise aversion. SILEO has been approved by the FDA to fix noise aversion. It’s a way of keeping your dog calm. SILEO is a gel that’s put between your dog’s cheek and gum with the use of a syringe. As the gel takes effect, your dog will feel calm, yet still be able to function as if they never heard a loud noise. SILEO brings pets and owners both some peace of mind.

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If you’d like to bring your pet to Acton Animal Hospital, contact us today for an appointment. Our Acton vets hope to see you soon!

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