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Cresson Veterinarians Are Caring

If your pet family in Cresson consists of a dog, cat, or small exotic pet, our Cresson veterinarians welcome you to Acton Animal Hospital. During your visit, your pet is our top priority and they will be in the best of care. Whether your pet is receiving a checkup, teeth cleaning or surgical procedure, it will be done with plenty of compassion at a time that’s convenient for you. That is our commitment – and all at an affordable price. So there’s no need to pass up on necessary care for your pets.

Our team of Cresson veterinarians cares for owners, too. They want you to feel assured about the treatment your pet receives. In addition, they want to educate you about their care, so you can help make decisions for their best interest. With these methods, we hope your pet will live a healthy and successful life.

Our Veterinary Services

Acton Animal Hospital provides many services for your furry friends, from the traditional exams, to the amenities of pet boarding. But two main services our Cresson veterinarians shine a light on are diagnostic and dental services.

Diagnostic services are an important part of your pet’s medical treatment. Hopefully, they will never get into a situation where they’re needed. But, when life throws a curveball in the form of a disease or injury, our Cresson veterinarians are here to make it better. Acton Animal Hospital has in-house radiology for x-rays as well as a laboratory for blood tests. If necessary, some testing will get sent to off-site labs for results. No matter what diagnosis your pet needs, our goal is to provide it as efficiently as possible.

Just as dental care is essential to humans, your pets need it too. In fact, poor oral health can be the reason your pet has problems with other parts of their body. Avoid further complications by letting us give your pet a dental exam. We also provide teeth cleaning and extractions. It’s a good idea to start providing dental care at home for your pet. We would be more than happy to tell you how to get that started.

Visit Acton Animal Hospital Today

If you’re in the Cresson area and want your pet to visit Acton Animal Hospital for their next checkup, contact us today for an appointment.

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