Pet Boarding near Cresson

Pet Boarding Near Cresson

Are you going on a trip soon, either for a weekend, a week, or more? Though we know you’d love to bring your pet along, there are situations that make it difficult. If you’re looking for pet boarding near Cresson, come to Acton Animal Hospital. Pet boarding is one of the services we offer, and it’s available to both dogs and cats. If your furry friend is not a regular patient of ours, that’s okay, because we allow both patients and non-patients to board with us. Our pet boarding near Cresson is meant for the community.

We know it’s difficult for you to leave your dog or cat behind, but they will be in good hands with us at Acton Animal Hospital. We are happy to have them and will give them lots of love and care until you return. Boarding here will give your family pets a home away from home.

Our Boarding Amenities

When you come to Acton Animal Hospital for pet boarding near Cresson, we provide the following amenities for all pets:

  • Many cages available in different sizes, so your pet has a place to sleep that’s just their size
  • Your feline friend has their own room to board in to further ease their stress and anxiety
  • Your canine companion will be able to play in our large outdoor area
  • Playtime will occur several times a day outside
  • A complimentary bath if your dog or cat will be here for more than a week
  • Food provided in the form of Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach for dogs, and Hill’s Science Diet Optimal Care for cats (If your dog or cat is on a specific diet, we suggest bringing their food from home.)
  • Bedding that’s frequently washed that will give them added comfort while sleeping

If you’d like your family pet to board with us, we ask that they are up-to-date on their preventive vaccines. If you need a vaccine list, or want to send us copies of your dog or cat’s records from their primary veterinarian’s office, contact us. Reserve your pet’s next vacation with us at 817-326-3400.

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